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Where and how to refer in cases related to ticket inspection and to additional charges?

Any matters related to ticket inspection and additional charges should be referred to the Customer Service Office of the Public Transport Authority in Lublin, ul. Nałęczowska 14, 20-701 Lublin, phone: 81 466 96 64, open from Monday to Friday from 7:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Information for passengers who have received a demand for payment

1. The additional charge and the transport fare should be paid within 14 days of issuing the request in the Customer Service Office or to the bank account in
 BANK PEKAO SA V Branch in Lublin No. 69 1240 1503 1111 0010 2424 1273.
2. Paying the additional charge within 7 days entitles to its reduction by 30%; however, taking advantage of the reduction does not entitle the individual to an exemption from paying the transport fare. Filing a complaint related to the additional charge does not cause an extension of the period to which the reduction applies.

3. Failure to pay the additional charge within 14 days will result in launching the debt collection procedure. This is associated with additional costs in the form of statutory interest.

4. In the event of a delay in payment of the additional charge and the transport fare, the debt collection procedure will be taken over by professional debt collection companies and within court proceedings.

5. There is a possibility of paying the additional charge with the transport fare in instalments, after filing a written application in the Customer Service Office.

6. In the event when, within 7 days of the date of travel, the passenger submits to the Customer Service Office, a valid document confirming the entitlement for free-of-charge or discounted fares or the personalised season ticket which was not produced during inspection, the issued transport fare and additional charge will be cancelled after the passenger pays the handling fee.